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Product description :
Yangzhou Xinyang Technology & Development Co.,ltd. has focused on manufacturing FRP pipe for many years, has been widely used in oil fields both at home and abroad as well as the chemical industry. Specific product information is as follows:
Main advantages:
1. Have good corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature and high pressure resistance
2. The lining is smooth, no scale formation, no wax, not easy jam
3. The diameter is 1.5 inches - 64 inches
4. Working temperature up to 120 ℃
5. The pressure rating of 0.5 Mpa to 5 Mpa
6. Light weight, high strength, easy to transport and install
7. Long service life, design life of not less than 30 years
Main applications:
1. Salt water, brine, water, crude oil, natural gas pipeline
2. The oil field sewage pipeline, chemical sewage and wastewater treatment
3. The polymer solution delivery line
4. Marine pipeline
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